Photographing people is an art.  Every smile is as unique as the next.

  We prefer natural emotions without the posed shot.  We try to get the shots you may not even know about.

We give you all the edited high resolution images without any additional cost.

Please contact us for a free consultation or to book your portrait appointment. 

You have the choice of a preferred location or our studio.  This includes Photographers’ time and editing.  You can receive your images via disc or Dropbox. 

(Prints are extra)

Portrait sessions are based on a maximum of six persons..  We can use green screen technology which allows for a large number of backgrounds to choose from.  We also have the traditional muslin backgrounds.

Single Person, Couples, Families

For pricing please contact Murphy Photography


Costs are based on using our studio or you choice of location in the Paris area.

Contact us to book an appointment

Payment accepted as cash or e-transfer and is due on the day of the shoot in full.